PremiCote 1600

PremiCote 1600 is a plasticizer free 100% acrylic, single component, water based, high performance elastomeric coating for spray, brush, or roller application.

Recommended Uses:

This product is intended for use as a universal tank, roofing and wall coating. It has excellent adhesion to many substrates including polyurethane foam, concrete, masonry, primed metal and primed wood. When used with a suitable base coat it is an exceptional protective coating for most single ply roofing membranes. Contact Premium Spray Products for specific application information.

Product Limitations:

This acrylic coating is water based and must be stored and used to prevent from freezing at 32°F (0°C). Do not apply when inclement weather is imminent. Curing is necessary prior to precipitation to avoid washing off the coating or affecting adhesion or physical properties. Do not apply if temperature will drop below 50°F (10°C) within 1-2 hours. The acrylic coatings stop curing below 50°F. Do not apply when the relative humidity is in excess of 85%. Avoid applying late in the day when conditions for dew and condensation are imminent. Material is not intended for ponded water applications. Applications where there is a risk of vapor drive, such as cold storage and refrigerated tank applications should only be made in conjunction with a suitable vapor barrier. This material is not intended for use as a thermal barrier.

Ponding Water: 

Warranties do not cover damage due to ponding water. The National Roofing Contractors Association considers ponding water on any roof unacceptable. (See the NRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Manual). For additional assistance please contact the Premium Spray Products Technical Services dept. of Accella Polyurethane Systems, LLC. at (770) 528-9556. 

General Properties:  

PremiCote 1600 has been formulated to retain its flexibility over the long term. Highest quality ingredients and attention to detail during manufacture result in a exceptional quality product that will protect and preserve nearly any substrate. These ingredients along with high levels of UV resistant pigments result in a coating that is more durable than many other acrylic coatings. This coating has the unique ability to provide a membrane that is not only watertight but also breathable allowing the escape of any trapped moisture vapor from the substrate.

5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Drums
Typical Physical Properties

TENSILE STRENGTH 290 psi ± 25 ASTM D 2370
ELONGATION 235% ± 25 ASTM D 2370
PERMS 17 ASTM D 1653
SOLIDS (BY VOLUME) 50% ± 2 ASTM D 2697
SOLIDS (BY WEIGHT) 63% ± 2 ASTM D 1644
DENSITY 11.4 lbs / Gallon ASTM D 1475
VOC < 50 gal/liter Method 24
LOW TEMP. FLEXIBILITY Passes 180° Flex over ½ Mandrel @ -15°F (-26°C)
CURE TIME 24 hours depending upon temp. & humidity
DRY TIME 5 Hrs. at 75°F (50% RH)
SURFACE BURNING Flame Spread Index 15 Smoke developed Index 20 ASTM E 84
SHELF LIFE 6 months in property sealed containers
UL LISTING This product has achieved a UL Class A rating over a combustible deck when tested in accordance with UL 790.
ASTM D 6083 Passes requirements of ASTM D 6083 Standar d for Acrylic Coatings