Premium Spray Products – An Accella™ Brand – Congratulates Wedge Roofing On Roofing Industry Award

SPF Roofing Contractor Wins Two Prestigious Industry Awards

ST. LOUIS, April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Premium Spray Products – An Accella Brand™, a leading manufacturer of spray foam insulation, roofing and protective coatings, congratulates the awarding of two prestigious industry awards to San Francisco Bay Area spray foam roofing contractor, Wedge Roofing.

Wedge Roofing, an approved contractor for Premium Spray Products, was recently awarded the 2016 National Roofing Contractors Association Gold Circle Award for Innovative Solutions in Re-roofing and the SPFA Industry Excellence Award for best spray foam roof in the nation for 2016.

The award winning roofing project was located at a manufacturing facility in Sonoma County, California where over 70% of the roof area was not accessible by traditional methods. In addition the manufacturing operations of the facility required a guaranteed uninterrupted installation to the twenty-four hour a day, five-day a week, manufacturing schedule.

To complete a significant portion of the roof required a pioneering effort by Wedge Roofing to develop and perfect a method to pre-apply spray foam to a rigid substrate, slide the substrate beneath roof obstructions and seamlessly integrate these components into the surrounding roof area. Wedge Roofing referred to this method as RFB’s (rigid foam blankets).

The entire roof system received a base application of Premicote P-64, a Plasticizer Migration Resistant Primer, followed by one and half inches of Premium Spray Products, Premiseal 280 2.8 lb. density spray polyurethane foam. The process was completed with an application of Premicote 2100 high solid silicone protective coating.

“This extremely difficult and very technical job was made possible only through the use of spray foam and coatings from Premium Spray Products,” said Gary Harvey, General Manager of Wedge Roofing.

Premiseal 280, Premicote P64 and Premicote 2100 are manufactured by Premium Spray Products – A Brand of Accella Polyurethane Systems™, based in Marietta, Georgia.

Wedge Roofing is a nationally award-winning SPFA-certified Roofing Contractor specializing in spray foam roofing in the San Francisco Bay Area including Marin County, Sonoma County, San Francisco and Napa. For more information about Wedge Roofing please call (888) 763-7663 or

For more information about Premium Spray Products please call (770) 528-9556 or

About Wedge Roofing:
Celebrating 40 years as San Francisco Bay Area’s trusted Roofing Contractor, Wedge Roofing provides expert roofing services inMarin County, San Francisco, Sonoma County and Napa Valley from their Petaluma, CA headquarters. The SPFA-Certified Spray Foam Contractor leads the way for safe and precise spray foam roofing as one of the first contractors in the nation to earn the SPFA Professional Certification.

About Accella Performance Materials™:
Accella™ is a leading manufacturer of custom formulated polyurethane systems, and recycled rubber products formed from the strategic combination of Dash Multi-Corp, MarChem, Arnco, Pathway Polymers, Ultimate Systems, RB Rubber, IPS Polymer Systems, Zeus, Premium Spray Products, Coating & Foam Solutions, Burtin Polymer Labs and Quadrant Spray Foam. The polyurethane business is focused on foams, coatings, adhesives, tire fill, sealants and elastomers. The recycled rubber products business manufactures recycled tire crumb, custom colored EPDM granules, custom and rolled matting, equine matting, athletic flooring, playground surfacing and various custom molded products. The company manufactures in seven production facilities across the United States, one in Europe and one in China. To learn more about Accella Performance Materials™ go to

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